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Friday, February 27th, 2009
6:37 am
Comment to this post and I will give you five things I associate you with. Then either elaborate in a reply or in an entry in your journal. I was given...

folk music

I love folk music. I love playing it, singing it, and listening to it. To me, folk music extends into country music, and into rock...I don't pay very good attention to musical boundaries. But I've been so much happier since I discovered music.


In order to keep up with my folk music addiction, I learned the guitar. I bought a guitar in 2002. His name is Al (after Al on Quantum Leap). I also subsequently bought an electric guitar (Ziggy -- the computer on Quantum Leap). Last summer I finally bought a banjo (Tina -- Al's girlfriend). So I am definitely branching out from guitar, since I suck at it anyway. ;-) Now I have my sights set on a keyboard. I'd love to get back into piano.


Never saw House before this year, but was instantly in love. I LOVE HOUSE! His attitude is rubbing off on me, but I don't care. I just love his eyes. I am a total loner, just like House. He drinks more than I do, though.

math instruction

I teach math (though I try not to).

cucumber juice

While in Pittsburgh last summer, I discovered a vegan cafe and ate there often. One day they offered me free cucumber juice that they had juiced. It tasted awful (well, it tasted like cucumber). However, later on in the day I realized how totally moisturized I felt. Cucumber juice lubricates you -- your voice, your skin, everything! So now I juice a cucumber when I want to lubricate my voice. I still think it's an odd thing to associate with me, though.
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
11:21 am
The Road Goes Ever On
Well, here we are, halfway through the school year. I've actually been on winter break for quite some time now, since the last three days before winter break ended up being snow days (really mud days, since the snow didn't stick).

I am spending this winter break relaxing, trying to buy a washing machine, and catching up with a friend or two. We'll see about the last part. I am definitely NOT traveling, though!

I'm just looking out my window, watching the snow fall, and it's so beautiful! Some days I wonder if I could ever leave Chinle. I know when I spend time in other places (like the east coast), I really miss here.

So this semester has been busy. I passed my class (3 down, 9 to go...ugh). Our band had one major gig to speak of (Cause for Paw benefit concert), but we have a gig coming up January 30 at the Coal St. Pub in Gallup, so I'm excited -- because we get tips! This may be the first gig where we actually walk away with money after we pay for gas. That would be incredible. We are NOT ready for this gig, but we have been learning some new songs (some of which are cool), so that is neat. We have definitely improved since last year, and last year we had improved on the year before. We are starting to sound pretty good on some songs! It's really too bad we never have gigs that are actually in Chinle.

School seems like it actually never finished, since our last few days were sort of cut off by weather. I think there are going to be a lot of loose ends to tie up when we get back in January. But I don't care! Surprise snow days are always welcome. Not that it's snowing during actual vacation, and blocking my access to go buy a washing machine, it's not as welcome, but it sure is pretty. Chinle is so quiet right now, with so many people gone -- I love it!

Oh yeah, and I've become totally obsessed with House and Hugh Laurie. I even just ordered Hugh Laurie's book The Gun Seller, so we'll see how good that is. In fact, I think it's time to go watch some more House. He's not going to make snarky comments if the DVD player is off, you know! I hope everyone reading this is having a great "holiday season" (oh, bah, humbug) and enjoying snow, if you have it (I think it's snowing in a LOT of places around the country right now, though!).
Thursday, November 6th, 2008
6:25 pm
Need Help From All My Fantasy-Lovin' Friends
Okay, so I have a student who really likes reading fantasy. Since I really hate reading fantasy, I am finding myself at somewhat of a loss for authors and books to recommend for her. I am pretty sure at least half of my friends list can help me out here. She is definitely what I would call a voracious reader, though only 14, so tends to lean towards easier books.

Can anyone recommend some fantasy authors and books that they liked when they were in high school, or would like now if they were? She will give anything a shot once.

Carol, you can feel free to do this in person. You probably know the student I'm talking about.

P.S. I am so happy that I found Edys/Dreyers limited edition pumpkin ice cream that only comes out in the fall!!!! BASHAS had it!!
Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
5:23 pm
No Update
...but a meme!

Post something you would LIKE to do with me SOMEDAY. Then post this in your journal to find out what I would like to do with you.
Sunday, August 31st, 2008
1:31 pm
So Busy!
Well, I suppose I failed to post all summer long. Also for the entire month of August that I was home. I have also completely forgotten how to LJ-cut, so please excuse the length of this post.

I had an awesome summer! I traveled to Bryn Mawr, the D.C. area, Michigan (honestly, did not enjoy Michigan so much, but I did enjoy seeing my family), and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was the most surprising place -- I actually liked it! That city has a lot of character! Of course, it helped that I got to go to the music department at the University of Pittsburgh every day and talk about how to integrate music into history curriculum (well, it's exciting for ME!). I also found this awesome vegan/raw restaurant that was very good, and also a crepes place (I don't know that I had ever had crepes before this summer -- at least not "savory" crepes). So Pittsburgh rocked (however, I did have to miss the trip to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in nearby Cleveland, because I had to leave the summer program two weeks early to make it back to work almost in time for the school year).

I also got to see several people this summer on the way to and from various places that I have not seen in a while, and I'm so glad. Really, driving across the country is a lot of fun and I enjoy it. I like the slow, subtle transition from lush greenery to dusty desert (and vice versa). It helps ease the transition back. I really don't want to go anywhere in the summer of '09, but maybe in two years I will go to Montana or somewhere like that up north. There are still whole chunks of the country I've never seen!

Meanwhile, the day I got back I found out I had to teach an Algebra I class. So I've sort of been working two jobs (we'll call it one and a half). I have been very busy this year, but I actually look forward to my class of freshmen every day, too. I don't know that I want to give them up (even though I could breathe a sigh of relief if we found a math teacher to fill in our vacancy). I also just started my class this semester at U of A. It's on multicultural childrens and YA literature, and I think I'm going to love it! But it adds to the busy. I think I forgot to call my parents for a month. I can't believe next week is the SIXTH week of school!

Meanwhile, the band has been practicing...a little. We all seem very busy this fall. Hopefully we will not drift apart. I'm a little worried. But on the other hand, I think we have a few really awesome new songs that are starting to gel.

For the past two weeks I have been getting mild cases of various illnesses going around. The worst day was yesterday (Saturday). I unwisely went to Farmington, and spent hours of miserable, sore-throated, couldn't breathe time driving and shopping. At least I have some veganaise now. Although I have to go BACK to Farmington shortly because the library was closed all weekend! Damn Labor Day! I just hope I'm not at all sick anymore come Tuesday. I'm trying to take it easy and get started on my class this weekend. But mostly take it easy!

And with that update I will now ignore my livejournal until sometime around December, I would imagine....
Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
9:18 pm
Finally Here
I am safe and settled in Alexandria, Virginia. I had a fantastic time at my Bryn Mawr reunion last weekend, and already can't wait for the ten year! The first thing that happened when I got there was that the Physics department took the Physics majors out for a beer. That was really nice. There was a Physics grad from the class of 1958, and it was really cool to hear her talk about her experience (though it was sort of hard to hear her in Gullifty's -- it's noisy!). Apparently she worked on the space program in the late 1950s!

The rest of reunion weekend was mostly eating and drinking (much less so for myself than for most of the class of '03, I must say). We had a step sing with all of the classes, and it was great! (And non Bryn Mawr people have no idea what that is, but oh well).

I spent two days in Delaware after Bryn Mawr, sort of catching my bearings and driving around to all of the old haunts. Then yesterday, I made it to Alexandria. I spent today hanging out with my dad and family friend David, whose apartment I am staying at. I am still having total culture shock about the traffic and the buildings and the stores, and even about the attitudes of the people around me.

Tomorrow I am going to a political debate between Tom Davis and Barney Frank. Should be VERY interesting. I bet mao4269 is VERY jealous.

It seems like my family has planned a lot of my time already, which is fine, but this summer is slightly less "relaxing" than I thought it would be....
Monday, January 28th, 2008
5:02 pm
Changes In The Last Five Months
So again, it's been a while.

I just spent all of yesterday (and I mean over 8 hours) with the band I play with (we are currently changing our name from "Bilagaana Bluegrass" to something else, but I'm not sure what else -- we think maybe "Chainsaw Bears". Anything but "Swanee And The Schoolmarms"). We made a demo CD of four songs yesterday. It was really cool to work with professional (ish) recording equipment. Today one of our band members is mixing it up and fixing the shizzle, and whatever else one does to produce a CD. Then we'll send it to the Tucson Folk Festival, which will hopefully get us a slot to play down there. We also had a professional photographer take our band photo (here). Note the chainsaw bear playing the mandolin! In retrospect, we probably should have made Eric wear shoes.

Meanwhile, I was able to lounge around at home today, because school was closed. We had a mud day. That's right, mao4269! Due to recent rains, the dirt roads are too muddy to drive. I hear tell from some fairly reliable sources that we will also be off of school tomorrow. This may mean we have a significantly shortened spring break, but I don't care!

As for what's new in my life, I have successfully started grad school at U. of Arizona, pursuing a masters in Library Science. I'm going to take it VERY slow. One class at a time. I'm on my second class now.

Meanwhile, I am planning to road trip out to the east coast at the end of May. I will be in Bryn Mawr for my 5 year reunion around May 30 to June 2ish, then drop by Delaware to see some people, then down to Alexandria, VA for about two weeks -- because I have to be in Michigan in mid-June, and it just doesn't make sense to take two separate trips. So if anyone will be in any of these places, I would love to meet up with you (to recap: PA, DE, VA, and any state between VA and MI).

There is a lot going on in my life, but I just usually don't feel like posting on LJ. I figured it was time....
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
9:58 pm
Continuing The Grand Tradition Of Semi-Yearly Posting
Okay, so I haven't posted since about June. Oops.

First of all, I have had a career change. I am now the school librarian at my high school. It's completely different. My days are a mix of working with classes, little mini-projects (college center, weeding books, etc.), and random paperwork (like purchase requisitions). I have also spent a lot of time cleaning out my new office, which has several previous administrations' worth of librarians' junk in it. Judging from what I read, I would like to meet a few of the previous librarians. They seem pretty okay. I'm told there have also been some not-so-okay librarians in there.

Anyway, this is a huge change, and I'm still finding my footing. There is always something interesting popping up. My daily surprises range from students being dumped into the library without supervision because they have no substitute teacher, and the cafeteria (where they usually keep kids with no subs) is needed for lunch, to getting to conduct the ELL testing myself today because of some snafus (don't ask me what went wrong, all I know is that something did -- 'cause I sure ain't no ELL specialist or anything). That was actually pretty fun. "Read the directions to yourself as I read them aloud." Heh heh.

I have discovered a new musician that I like: Darrell Scott. Listen to the song "With A Memory Like Mine," that he recorded with Tim O'Brien. Wow. That song blows me away. I'm going to a folk festival in Pagosa Springs this weekend (Four Corners Folk Festival), and he will be there, as well as Cadillac Sky, a bluegrass group that I have also grown to like this summer. Nickel Creek will also be there, and even though I don't know anything about them, I know they are supposed to be good. I and two other members of our bluegrass band in Chinle are going to be camping on our bass player's floor (she has a trailer in Pagosa). I'm excited, but I'm VERY nervous that I'm going to freak out at this festival, too.

My sister has moved to Israel and communication has become more infrequent, due to time differences and expensive phone charges. She's going to have a great time, though.

I told someone I had a crush on how I felt, and even though he didn't reciprocate, I'm glad I did.

I got a new neighbor who used to live in Many Farms (14 miles up the road), and I was a little worried at first, because this guy has a reputation for talking on and on. But he has turned out to be a great neighbor. I actually rarely see him, but when I do he's not intrusive. Last Friday night he came over to watch B5, which we did, and then we ended up playing guitar and singing songs for hours. It was great!

Last weekend was the Central Navajo Nation Fair. I watched the parade down rt. 191 for the second year in the row. Something about the parade makes me happy.

Last Monday it rained a lot, and I think we had tornadoes. We had a lockdown in school. They filled up the library with kids because the library doesn't have any windows. When I got out of school, I found out the town was flooded. Our one and only shopping center was flooded so bad that cars couldn't really move. I mean, the water was probably waist-high in the parking lot. I heard the police blocked it off, but when I went I didn't see any police. I took pictures with my cell phone, but I don't know how to get them off. The "Aces Wild" sign, which advertises the local traveling country-western drunk party was covered up to the sign part in water (the post part was underwater). Amazingly, most of Chinle was dry by Tuesday afternoon.

I went to a vigil on Tuesday night to end the war in Iraq. I was the only one there besides the host, though I heard a few other people showed up later. But it was very nice anyway. We mostly sat in silence, which I think is a dying art. We also held hands and Lenny said a prayer. Then I said 3 short peace-related prayers in Hebrew. It was a pretty good vigil. My candle dripped wax all over his deck, though.

Let's see, what else...I think I might have covered it all. So I guess this covers my posting until, oh...October or November, right? ;-)
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
11:53 pm
A) Four jobs I have had in my life

1. Library page and library circulation assistant
2. College Dining Services worker and supervisor
3. Tech Support Representative
4. Teacher

B) Four places I have lived:

1. Annandale, VA
2. Bryn Mawr, PA
3. Newark, DE
4. Chinle, AZ (Navajo rez.)


1. Babylon 5
2. Titus
3. Everwood
4. Jeremiah (that's a new one for me)

D) Places I've Been on Vacation:

I think I can fill this one out just from this summer....

1. Albuquerque, NM
2. Kerrville, TX
3. Denver, CO
4. Frisco, CO


1. Pizza
2. Ice cream
3. Falafel
4. Silk Soy Chocolate soy milk


1. Antarctica
2. Alaska
3. California (so you KNOW it's desperate...)
4. Iceland

It's hot here.


Chain stops here!

H) Four places I like to shop!

1. amazon.com
2. Gallup, NM (okay, like to? Not so much. Have to? Yeah.)
3. Borders
4. Whole Foods (when I can get to Albuquerque or Phoenix)

I) Parents' first names:
Shmuel & Marianne
Friday, March 30th, 2007
7:35 pm
Hmmmm, I guess I kind of promised a part II to my last post. So while in Virginia, I got to see Kim & Reggie Harris perform, which was awesome. I also brought my dad, and I think he really had a good time. He knew more songs than *I* did (since I only knew the Phil Ochs songs).

I also got to visit my old high school in northern VA, and observe a class. Wow, it's a night and day difference between TJ and Chinle. The class was a freshman computer science class and they were talking about trigonometric ratios (you know, sin, cos, etc.) and vectors! My senior students STILL haven't had that stuff! Of course, they really shouldn't be seniors, since I teach Geometry, but I do have a few. We then went to the Melting Pot, which was fabulous, though really pricey. But that's okay, because I didn't pay! Still, I think I've fulfilled my Melting Pot needs for a while. It was fun to hang out with my old high school Precalc teacher. He really hasn't aged a day, unlike everyone else.

Then I came home and got sick (I think I mentioned that), but I'm back in the swing of things now. Yesterday I unfortunately found out that I have not been hired to staff a USY Israel trip, so I have been thinking about what to do this summer. I am taking suggestions for summer plans.

I think that's about all the major news here. Only 8 more weeks in the school year to go -- wow!
Monday, March 19th, 2007
7:59 am
So I had a good time in Northern VA. I really ran around all over the place, but I saw a lot of people and places in a very short time, so that was good. I was exhausted when I got back to Albuquerque, though. I hung around in Albuquerque for two nights, then left for Chinle on Friday morning. I got back to Chinle on Friday afternoon, got half the car unloaded, then wasn't feeling so good, so decided to lay down and rest.

24 hours later, the first fever had broken.

I have been sick all weekend long. Ugh. I thought I would be able to go into work today (it's a professional involvement day, so no students), but after taking half a shower this morning, I realized that I really need more rest. I am feeling better today than I was on Saturday, but I'm nowhere near feeling good.

It seems like every time I travel anywhere, I bring back some plague. I would write more about my vacation, but I'm kind of dizzy so I think this will be a to be continued post....
Monday, February 12th, 2007
8:12 pm
Okay, I was tagged.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: CHOCOLATE!!!! I think that one's self-explanatary
Literary: Babysitter's Club Series Um...I don't think I can.
Audiovisual: Babylon 5 It's the most awesome show ever.
Musical: There's so much, I love it all.
Celebrity: Jim Carrey He's bendy!!!!

I'm not tagging anyone else, though.

Meanwhile, in other news, let's see...I applied to be a staff member on a USY trip to Israel (I went on one when I was a teenager). I had the interview today, but I don't think it went that great. We'll see how desperate they are, I guess. I would be so excited if I got to go this summer!!!

Lots of weird shakeups happening with the math department recently. I think we just had a math teacher disappear. I need to confirm that, though. Anyway, it makes me wonder why I've never had a job where people don't disappear and get fired arbitrarily. It's creepy. But 4 more weeks until spring break, and then I'm going to the D.C. area! I'd like to hit some folk music, if possible (I'll be in VA from March 10 to March 14, if anyone is local and knows of the local folk music). I was going to drive up to Annapolis on the 12th to see Nancy Griffith, but it's $35, so that coupled with a drive to Annapolis makes the proposition kind of iffy. I do hope to visit froborr, though.

In other news, I'm having my formal observation this Thursday (where the principal comes in and makes sure you're teaching, basically). Also, I'm going to Flagstaff to take the GREs this weekend so I can apply to grad school in Library Science. My ulterior motive is to bring back a dozen bagels, though (we don't have fresh BAGELS here; it drives me crazy!!!).

Lots of other stuff is going on, but none comes to mind right now. We are having pretty nice weather, though (I hear the east coast is finally getting its cold weather, HAH!!). Things are pretty much just keeping on here. I think I'm spending too much time at school, or thinking about school. Oh well. Did I mention 4 more weeks??
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
10:17 pm
Phil Ochs On Youtube
So I was surfing Tom Paxton's Website, and it turns out he's got some videos up on youtube. So I'm 30 seconds into watching his video from 1964, and as he's babbling to Pete Seeger about when they first met, I see in the corner of my eye a "related link" to a Phil Ochs video.

That's right, Phil Ochs has video clips up on youtube. This is so utterly amazing! I've just been watching them, and he looks so young, and so...um, well, alive in his early appearences. Then you see the post-1968 videos, and there is such a difference. Amazing. And so hard to believe it's almost the 30 year anniversary of his death. So many of his songs are completely fitting for today's world.

Anyhow, here's a quick update on my life:

We are approaching Winter Break (at last!). It doesn't start until Friday, which certainly seems like it's cutting it close to Christmas, but then when I think of other occupations that don't even have a winter break, I guess it's not so bad. It's not like I celebrate Christmas anyway. So my younger sister mao4269 is coming to visit me. We are going to see the Grand Canyon, then chill for a few days in Chinle. Becky (friend from BMC) and her husband are also going to be visiting us as they pass through Arizona, so that should be nice. My goal for Rachel's visit is to not kill each other, and also to go to the Melting Pot in Phoenix (fondue restaurant) when I drop her off at the airport. This probably sounds crazy to most people who live within the general vicinity of a Melting Pot (or any other chain restaurant, for that matter), but Phoenix is 5.5 hours away, so not so easy to drop in for dinner. That's probably a good thing anyway, since it's so expensive. But SOOOOOOO good.

After my sister leaves, Paul, my friend from high school, is going to come visit, and I think he might make me go hiking. At any rate, we will definitely be seeing some of the natural wonders that abound in this vicinity, since he has a national park pass. I'm sorry I'm not in VA, because I would love to see teki, froborr, benabik, and Tristan, but oh well. Next time, I guess?

I'm going to go try to sleep now, as Phil Ochs has kept me up past my bedtime.
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
10:35 pm
Where Is Tammy
Well, I have quit my webhosting job (and library job), packed up, and moved to Arizona. I am in Chinle, which is in the heart of the Navajo reservation that spans AZ, NM and Utah. I am right next to Canyon de Chelly, which is the second largest canyon in the country and absolutely beautiful. I had a road trip to get out here with my best friend Alice, and while parts were rocky, it was really cool. I actually loved Kansas!!!

I just got internet access today, but at some point I will be sending a mass e-mail with my new contact info.

Meanwhile, I'm in my second week of teaching Algebra I and Geometry at Chinle High School, and the kids are fabulous.

So just wanted to update LJ (finally!) and let everyone who doesn't already know that I have moved cross country. I am now two hours behind the banks, tech support lines, etc. Oh, how the east coast has spoiled me. Speaking of which, Gallup, NM, which is the nearest larger town is 90 miles away. We *do* have a grocery store here, but it's not that big. No library, clothing stores, mall, anything like that. But we have Burger King (little good that it does me, being vegetarian and all).

I will try to update more frequently....
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
7:12 pm
Can somebody from Bryn Mawr or who otherwise knows please tell me when May Day is this year? I would think it's May 6, but I had also heard it was April 30 somewhere. I cannot find this information anywhere on Bryn Mawr's website or "calendar". It appears I may be putting common sense aside and going...and going to work on both ends of the day as well.

[EDIT] According to Conferences and Events, it IS April 30.
Friday, January 20th, 2006
9:01 am
Oh Man, I survived....
So I haven't updated for quite a while, even though a lot's been going on.

I've been working part-time at the library for over a month now, and I'm finally finding my groove, as it where. It really doesn't seem like it's already been that long -- but it has! This week was kind of a blitzkrieg: I worked 4 overnights at Hostmysite, and 2 days (1 full 8 hours, 1 4 hours) at the library...and that's just so far. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep between Tuesday and last night. Today's my only day off; I go back to work at Hostmysite tonight for another 4 days, because this is the week I'm switching schedules. As of now, I work Friday through Monday, 11 PM to 9 AM.

Titus season 3 came out on DVD this week, and I watched the whole thing in 2 days. It's awesome -- even better than the first 2 seasons. I laughed for about 5 hours straight on Tuesday, and I hate sitcoms. I can't even describe why I love this show so much. In fact, I'll probably go back to watching it once I finish updating LJ.

Working backwards in time, I guess, I saw two folk concerts. Once was Sean Altman last Saturday, and to be honest, he was the first concert I didn't really like. Though it was fun when he used my glasses to channel Buddy Holly. Two weeks before that, on New Year's Eve, I dragged my family down to see Erica Wheeler, and SHE was awesome! All of her songs are very location-set, and she really paints a picture of the scenery. I highly recommend Erica Wheeler.

A week before that, teki came to visit. We watched the first two seasons of Titus, which I think he liked, and also Space: Above and Beyond, one of the best shows to only run 1 season. We also played a few games of air hockey, which was also fun, because I can never find anybody to play air hockey with. The place (a move theater) was filled with high school students, though, who for some reason all wanted to use the air hockey tables as well. Oh well.

Hmmm. It seems like a whole lot happened in the last month, but I guess the above sums it up pretty well. Work has returned to being fairly awful. We're having management issues right now. Meanwhile, I've got all the paperwork to apply to teach on the Navajo reservation, and I'll be getting fingerprinted in a week and a half, which is the first step. So that's exciting! I'm gonna start typing now, because my life is starting to seem really boring....
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
8:55 pm
Ugh, What Am I Doing Awake?
Actually, there's a happy answer to that question. The library (you know, the one I've been waiting 5 weeks to hear from since I filled out my paperwork) just called and said everything finally came through, and now I'm going in tomorrow for training. So that explains why I woke up; why I'm still awake is so that I can do laundry so that I can have clean clothes that comply with the library's dress code (the Hostmysite dress code and the library dress code are actually fairly similar, but Hostmysite does allow jeans, and the library doesn't...at least theoretically. Not something I want to test on my first day).

So meanwhile, since I'm up and waiting for the washer to finish so I can re-evaluate this state of consciousness, I will now finally update my LJ.

Whishing Chair was pretty cool. They didn't blow me away like David Roth did, but I was extremely impressed at how they handled the fact that there were only 11 people in the audience. Whereas David Roth was very gracious, you could tell he really wasn't too happy. But the ladies of Wishing Chair were like, "This is the best kind of show! We love this!" I give them mad props for that. Their music is very country-ish, being that they're from Kentucky (which I like, but probably lots of people don't). All in all it was very enjoyable. Also I won free tickets to the next concert in the series down in MD, which is going to be Sean Altman (I don't really know much about him, except that he used to be in Rockapella, which performed on Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego every week). I'm not sure who I can sucker into going with me, though. Most people I know just really aren't that interested in folk music.

In other news, I had the worst week ever at work last week. Time is passing and so fading it into memory, thank goodness. I hope that sort of week never happens again. Ugh. I'm still waiting for the "holiday slump" that's supposed to happen around this time of year, too (you know...people stop calling in to tech support because they're out spreading peace and joy? Yeah, whatever). We'll see. Tech support's volume has increased TREMENDOUSLY since I started last October. The company is growing and still struggling to catch up with the volume. They've been struggling ever since I started, pretty much. The problem (well, one problem) is that employees keep coming and going.

I missed the company "holiday party" to go to the aforementioned Wishing Chair concert (the party was actually held at Dave and Busters in Philly, which is really cool, but I just hate parties. And Philly), but at the party we all got gifts from the company -- warm, happy gray fleeces with the Hostmysite logo on them. I wore mine this morning. It was so warm and snuggly!!! And if I'm still with Hostmysite in a year, it will be a rare thing to have, because so many of the current employees will have gone elsewhere by then. That seems to be how it works. It's a shame.

My friend Jane called (and woke me up for the first time today) and asked if I wanted to go to China with her at the end of January to visit another friend of ours who will be there for a few months (she was actually there all year last year, then this year she's been in Japan, but she likes China better...I'm just waiting for her to come back to the U.S.). Sounds like a very cool trip...for someone else. Someone who likes travelling to strange places where they don't know the language and there are lots of people. So yeah, I said no. But I do hope she gets to go.

Once again I think I'm forgetting something in this update, but I have no idea what it is. Blame it on the interrupted sleep I've had today....
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
9:29 am
When I got to work last night and checked the number of calls thus far for yesterday, here is what I saw.
Read more...Collapse )

Oddly enough, it was a very nice night at work, relatively.
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
12:48 pm
The Internet Was Down

Last night at work we had a network issue (that's what I'm calling it, but basically a huge chunk of our servers weren't connected to the internet for quite a long time) right after the 3-12 team left. That left me, my co-worker Tim, and my boss Ben. And thankfully my boss' boss RJ, who was awesome to stick around (sort of accidentally), especially because he had...er...compelling reasons to go home (let's just say he's livin' in sin!). Yeah, it was not a fun night. We took over 100 calls (between me, Tim and Ben...split probably about 2/5, 2/5, 1/5 because Ben is a team lead and doesn't have to take a call unless both of us are already on calls). It sucked mightily. But you know what? The aftermath really wasn't that much worse than a normal Monday night. I think because RJ was there, and also someone else worked some tickets from home. It sure was fun that we got to wake up pretty much the entire company (the owners, infrastructure, netops)...apparently it was a party down at the other data center (the one with the outage).

So work sucks. At least we're getting another overnighter starting next week. I am very, VERY excited about that.

I'm looking forward to going to another folk concert on Saturday night, at the same venue as the David Roth concert (a Unitarian Church down in MD). The group is Wishing Chair, who I've never heard of, but as fits with my theme, I'll probably love them. I was also thinking of going to a John Flynn concert up in Phoenixville, PA *next* Saturday, but I think I won't, mainly because 1) I'll be broke and 2) I don't actually know where Phoenixville is. Oh well.

This Friday night is the New Member Shabbat at my synagogue. The choir is performing tons of songs (and I actually like them!). I hope I remember to wake up.

Still haven't started at the library. I may call them today to see what's up.

Gilmore Girls appears to be on hiatus until January 10. Damn "November Sweeps" -- they make very sad Decembers.

I swear there was something else, but it seems to have leaked out my brain. Next time, I guess....
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
9:21 am
Folk Music, Israel and Work....
So last Sunday I completely whacked out my sleep schedule and went to the interest meeting for my synagogue's December, 2006 Israel trip. I spent the whole night at work like a drooling zombie, but it was SO WORTH IT!!! I am so excited, and I can't wait until next December. It's going to be a 12 day trip, and something that hadn't occured to me before, but occured to me at the meeting, was that this will be a trip with adults, not a bunch of teenage bums who just want to party. It should be really different from my USY trip in 1998 (which I really loved, and my trip-mates were cool, but let's face it, in a lot of ways, 16 year olds suck). Plus I'll be able to actually legally buy wine at a nice vineyard...and THIS time I'll actually have spending money!!! I cannot WAIT.

This Friday I also whacked out my sleep schedule so I could stay up and see Harry Potter. It was very good. Very dark. But even more exciting was that there was an AIR HOCKEY table at the movie theatre. Now, you'd think that after 7 years of not playing, I wouldn't be such an awesome player anymore, but you know what? I am. I am an awesome air hockey player. Still. :-) Now I've just got to start suckering people into playing air hockey with me, now that I know there's a table so close!!! That's what I get for never seeing movies.

Meanwhile, yesterday night I went down to Bel Air, MD (well, almost...to a town called "Churchville") to see a folk concert. I know I say this after every concert I go to, about everybody I see, but everybody, you have to see David Roth!!! He's like a singing Chicken Soup for the Soul. He's just amazing. I mean, I liked the few songs he did at the MERCY2 concert back in the beginning of October, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to see a whole concert with just him. I was sort of lying in bed on Saturday afternoon debating with myself whether to just go to sleep (remember, 5 PM is pretty late for me to stay up, much less 8 PM, 10 PM, midnight...). But I went, and it was AMAZING! There were only 16 (by my count) people in the audience, which caused some consternation to the "regulars" (which apparently was everyone but me -- seems this particular concert series is given by a Unitarian church, and is attended almost exclusively by the church members...from what I can tell. By the way, David Roth is a self-described "Nice Jewish Boy"). But I loved it. It was very intimate. He took requests, he sat literally 2 feet away from me (not in front of the microphone; he just sat right next to the audience). It was amazing. I wish A) there were more awesome folk concerts around here, and B) people actually wanted to go to them.

Choir practice today, then my workweek starts. It's going to be sort of a strange one, since while I am working Thanksgiving, I'm using one of my floating holidays to take off on Tuesday the 22nd/Wednesday the 23rd to go to an interfaith service on Tuesday night that my synagogue's choir will be performing at. Should be cool all around. I've never been to an interfaith service before, so I'll be curious to see what it's like.
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